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Prevention of Viral Infections and Control of Mild Symptoms

NY is now in its third week of lockdown-

how are you all?

we have time to be with ourselves,

You can re-think your lifestyle and improve your body’s function.


① When you get up in the morning, clean your mouth (teeth, tongue, throat). Your mouth is the entrance of the digestive and respiratory system, so it is important to keep it clean.

② Practice yoga to strengthen the respiratory organs. Recommended poses: Open chest poses like Boat, Bridge, Camel, Cobra, etc..

③ Pranayama also strengthens the respiratory organs.

④ Prevent AMA (toxin, undigested substance) accumulation:

  • Drink hot water or hot tea with ginger. 

  • Consume mung beans, lentils and chickpeas , as they are tridoshic, digestible foods.

  • Avoid hard-to-digest foods.

  • Avoid dairy products and other things that cool the body/lower body temperature.  


⑤ Purify the respiratory tract with a steam bowl: Boil water, pour in bowl. Using a towel or cloth to trap steam, lean over the bowl and inhale through your nose. You can add 1 or 2 drops of essential oil to the water, making sure to close your eyes when breathing..



Please remain grounded and peaceful, even if the other side of the door is busy.




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