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How to give yourself a head champi massage at home

I would like to introduce the points of "Champ head Care", an Indian style head massage.

It will release your stress safely and peacefully. By stimulating the head and promoting blood circulation, the complexion is improved and the whole body circulation is improved too! Of course, your thoughts will be clear and you feel positive. Yes, Hair health too!

Let's try to

3 minutes Self-Champi head massage


If you use champi oils...

  • For grounding - Sesame oil, Avocado oil

  • For happy, light feeling- coconut oil, grapeseed oil,

  • If you need turn your switch on-mustard seed oil


      warm them up, before use.


If you use EO:

  • Rosemary Increases blood flow in the brain, good for concentration and nervousness.Brain function.

  • Lemon Improved blood circulation. Makes blood vessels strong and eliminates mental damage. A feeling happy

  • Lavender It calms the mind and is good for nervous system tension, insomnia, palpitation.Good for high blood pressure.

  • Bitter orange Good for neurosis, depression, too serious.

Let's start to close your eyes and deep breath with your nostril.


①Put your right palm on your Adipati chakra. Give several different pressures and observe the point that touching palm and sculp. Find a correct pressure, them  keep your pressure and move your palm to right circle.  listen your deep breath. Make circles anytimes.

Hand down. Deep breath, observe the feeling of scalp.

②Put your thumb on your temples and your index finger on the middle of each eyebrow, then apply pressure such as upward or toward the back of your head. Find your favorite pressure, as much pressure as you like.
Next, put your thumbs in your temples and apply the remaining 2 to 5 fingers to the hairline and put pressure. When you find the pressure you like, apply stimulation to the entire head, from the top of the head, back of the head, to the back your neck as if you were brushing your hair. Then move their fingers behind the ears and to the lymph on the neck,  and lymph nodes above the clavicle. Repeat 3 time.

Hand down. Deep breath, observe the feeling of scalp.


③Starting from the middle of the hairline, move eight fingers (except thumbs) to all over your scalp. Hitting your scalp with your fingers just like when you are frustrated. Any times you want.

Hand down. Deep breath, observe the feeling of scalp.


Well, It is not enough 3 minutes!! 

Please feel your head, eyes, and heart are all different before and after.

May 18. 2020

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