It's finally 2021! Start your new self care routine with Dinacharia! (Ayurvedic daily routine)

The new year is finally here!

Freshen up your morning routine and start your day with Dynacharia!


Step 1: Cleanse your tongue when you wake up with the Wild Lotus Tongue Scraper.

Step 2: Use your Neti pot and Nasya oil to clean and moisturize your nasal passage.

Step 3: After relieving and freshening yourself, drink plain luke/hot water to detox.

Step 4: Shower and pamper your body. 

Step 5: Self Abhyanga 

Step 6: Pranayama, Yoga asana and meditation!

When you can take the time to feel healthy, happy, and thankful,

it spreads the people around you, too! Yeah!

Happy New Year!!