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「Sunday May 22, Holistic Summer Fair!!」「We are moving to Midtown East !! 」

Updated: May 18, 2022

Please meet our 10 selected Holistic Vendors. You will feel healed throughout all five senses". It's a festival for the world, Society, Friends, Family, Friends and myself.

May 22nd Sunday 10:00-17:00

at Wild Lotus Ayurveda Salon

Natural healing crystal & handmade jewelry. new items: Terahertz, Orgonite (combination of crystal and metal in resin)

Usaato Clothing is made of only 100% natural materials. Hemp and cotton are spun from yarn, dyed with plants , and hand-woven into clothes designed by Usaburo Sato. Wearing clothes made of natural materials such as hemp and cotton, dyed with plants , will help you to have a stable and good energy both in body and mind. Please take a look and feel them. We look forward to seeing you."

Mugwort Bath Herb

Expected effects for Arthralgia, relaxation of neuralgia, stiff shoulder cancellation, release muscular pain, the prevention, good for circulation.

25min tarot reading for $44    Appointment recommended

Sibylline Vein (tarot reading)*

*Please visit Nanse’s IG account (@nansekawashima ) and DM for appointment.

Nanse Kawashima is a Japanese artist and founder of Sibylline Vein. She is certified in Advanced Reiki and has been reading Tarot for clients since 2011. Her approach to tarot reading is a combination of wisdom derived from tarot archetypes and intuitive insight which are made applicable for our modern day lives.

In 2016 she started studying Western Astrology (Placidus System) and has been infusing it in her sessions with her clients. Many of the women in her maternal lineage have shared the gift of intuition; she is happy to share this with her generation and growing community. She uses “The New Tarot Deck” a rare black and white deck by Horler and Hurley from 1974.

$44 for 25 mins.

Hand letterpress printed cards and prints, one by one with love by using cotton papers and soy ink so it’s eco friendly. Some new exciting cards with dry flowers and pressed flowers will debut.

Indian Astrology

Holistic Fair special session is $40 - 30min !!!

I was 21 years old when I embarked on a journey to find myself. With a touch of fate, I picked up my first astrology book and since then, I have ventured far and deep into this mystical ocean of wisdom. I have made it my purpose to share the knowledge of navigating these ethereal currents of knowledge with you. Appointment recommended.

Herbal power sweets from Kadamba Tree Cooking are so joyful with fragrant herbs. Let powerful herbs help you shine within and strive towards the summer!


✅Basil x Dark Chocolate

✅Rosemary x Strawberry

✅French tarragon x Apricot

✅Sage x Lemon peels


✅Mango x Lime peels


Price: $5 for 4 cookies / $5 for 1 muffin and 2 cookies (cash only)

QOI handmade incenses are made with all natural ingredients,some of them are hand picked by us. We produce one by one in small batches with love. Great for meditation, relaxation, purifying a room ect.

Pete's plants

Pete's plants Improve your mood with plants.

Marisa Clementi is a dancer, musician, and maker who loves plant medicine. She makes tinctures, salves, scrubs, and cordials, from plants that she grows in her garden or forages in the wild. She's particularly interested in mixing the medicine practices of her Latvian and Italian heritage with the brilliance of Ayurveda. She has apprenticed with herbalist Robin Rose Bennett and studied Foraging and Medicine Making with Chestnut School of Herbs. She is also a current student of Dr. Naina Marballi.

Ayurvedic products and Urichill Rakken mini session!! Walk-ins welcome!!


「We are moving to Midtown East soon!!」

The new location is 40th street and Lexington Ave!!

We will prepare a peaceful place again with Dr.Naina.

We are looking for to see you at new home.

Namaste. Thank you.

Wild Lotus Ayurveda

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