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LAST CHANCE! "Champi + Lymph Drainage Facial + Access Bars: 2 hrs $180"

Updated: May 7, 2021

Our brain never rests.

We give the best when working our jobs, we care for our homes with the utmost effort.

We take care of our health, raise kids, try to keep nice relationships

with our neighbors, and we love family and friends without rest.

Our heart feels fear, anger, sadness. Excitement, delight, jealousy, worry.

Our brain never rests, and some days we find ourselves exhausted, holistically.

That's why we need holistic care.

Why we need Ayurveda!

①Lymph drainage facial + Access Bars 2hr $180

②Head Champi + Lymph drainage facial + Shirodhara 2hr $180

This is the last chance to meet our amazing therapist Hitomi!! 😢

She is leaving New York soon.


We strongly recommend you to experience her therapeutic treatment.

After the deep brain detox, your entire body will feel refreshed.

The holistic detox.

Click here for Appointment

Thank you.

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