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I have visiting Misa for about 10 years.

I was in search for genuine and quality Ayurvedic treatment for years until one day I saw Misa’s ad.


Since that time when you enter to Misa’s room is like going to a magic place where your worries and pain are left far away. Misa is gifted and compassionate and she is very knowledgeable in every Ayurvedic treatment.


She also gives you advice in yoga poses to improve and enhance your posture and movement. I feel very blessed to have found Misa and she has been there supporting me in different times of my life through Ayurvedic massage and treatment


Alda Barríga San Miguel

I feel that I become well balanced and whole every time I finish each session. These Ayurvedic treatments thoroughly soothe my spirit, mind and body. This is the magic of Ayurveda. Misa’s hands are the magic hands that make it happen.

I have been fascinated by the wisdom of Ayurveda since 2012. 

Every time I experience it, I am uplifted and learn more about what I truly am, which helps me to live a better life.


I am always hoping that more people can have an opportunity to experience the wonder of Ayurveda. I highly recommend it as it is amazingly beneficial to anyone,  no matter what age, gender or health condition.


Nahoko Sugiyama

When I feel stressed by the daily routine and work, I feel body aches and it is difficult for me to sleep so the next day I wake up more tired and sore. Then,  I know that it is time to visit the WL Spa so I can pamper with a good Ayurveda treatment. These treatment for me are a necessary ritual to have the balance of my body and my mind, and thus to start the week of work full of physical and mental energy. Among all the wonderful treatment that can be chosen there is one especially "Urichil Rakken". Rakken helps me with my blood pressure and improves my blood circulation. I am looking forward to having the Rakken to energetically align my chakaras and feel that wonderful feeling of well-being that lasts up to a month.   

Y. O,

Wild Lotus is a peaceful oasis and Misa is a gifted practitioner.  I have enjoyed many treatments with Misa, all of which allow time and space to relax and restore. After each session, I leave feeling calm, content and with a little more compassion towards myself."


I would recommend Wild Lotus Ayurveda to everybody. I did a few Abhyanga massages and  a Shirodhara session with Misa, and I had notice how my body was relaxed, my mind calmed. My friends noticed that my face looked younger, puffiness under my eyes disappeared. Misa is a great therapist, she will choose a right oil for your Dosha and right pressure, so you will feel a deep relaxation of your body and a peaceful mind.
I also recommend Hitomi, I had Access Bars®︎ run twice, and  it was amazing. I strongly believe it deleted all unnecessary junk in my head, I could tell how light my head felt. Her gently touch and professionalism can clear blocks and break any limiting patterns and habits.
You will feel more peace, ease and joy.

Ewa P.

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