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About Ayurveda and Wild Lotus Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic sciences.


Ayurveda is the wisdom and lifestyle of maintaining a healthy body and mind, fixing imbalances with using nature. 

Wild Lotus Ayurveda treatments incorporate natural essences such as oils, herbs, essential oils and sounds, and are aimed at expelling inner and outer toxins from the body and soul. 


When you know yourself, you can fully live as yourself.

Our purpose is to help you feel the peace of mind of finding your true self with Wild Lotus treatments . 







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Misa Kubo

In 2007, Misa entered NY's only Ayurvedic school "Bioticare" (currently Ayurvedas World) and completed the Ayurvedic Esthetician Course and Nutritionist Course under Dr. Naina Marballi BSK. In 2008, she opened Wild Lotus Ayurveda  in Brooklyn. In 2018, she moved Wild Lotus  to Dr.Marballi's facility in Manhattan. Misa is a NYS licensed esthetician, Yoga Alliance 200, Reiki Master, and Access Bars®︎

practitioner. Certified Ayurveda coordinator, AAJ, NPO.

Hitomi Wada

In 2012, Hitomi discovered Ayurveda through an Ayurvedic treatment by Misa, the founder of Wild Lotus Ayurveda. After that, she began to learn Ayurveda seriously at Wild Lotus’s therapist training class. Hitomi always gives treatment her clients with a sacred feeling, and her warm and gentle touch treatment will heal her client’s mind and body. Hitomi recently launch of Wild Lotus apparel department. She is a NYS licensed esthetician Certificates of Indian head / back massage and Facial lymphatic drainage, 

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Hanayo Takai

After working as a photographer and in textile production in NY. Hanayo developed a longing for a holistic lifestyle, while raising her two daughters.Hanayo met Ayurveda through meeting Misa, and was impressed by 

Ayurveda's knowledge and approach on health. Hanayo found two love things : Working her hands and helping others. Hanayo love healthy food and exercise, muscle training and yoga and swimming. NYS Licensed esthetician


Yuko has over 20 years experience teaching early childhood education with methods including holistic and Steiner-inspired techniques. She also hosts natural outdoor classes for both parents and children. Yuko believes that a healthy family makes a happy life. After taking yoga from Wild Lotus Ayurveda for 5years, Yuko fell in love with the world of Ayurveda. In 2020, Yuko completed the Wild Lotus therapist training course.

Certified Babymassage Association  Japan practitioner,

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