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$30 for 30 Minutes! New Campaign 'Urichil Rakken' Treatment, Starting Soon!

Marma point translates to "kill point" in English.

'Urichil' is a traditional treatment originating from South Indian martial arts. Warriors oiled down their bodies before battle, taking care not to overstimulate the 107 Marma points in the body. Later, masters loosened disciples' muscles using the bottoms of their feet, reducing muscle tension and risk of injury after exercise.

'Illustrated Marma', by Takeshi Ito

Urichil was used to treat injuries as well. 'Amsa Marma' was for a bad shoulder, and 'Kukundara Marma' for a hurting leg. By applying the correct pressure to a damaged area, the stagnant 'prana' (life force) would flow naturally, relieving the body of unneeded tension. ("Illustrated Marma", "Secret Marmatsubo Stimulation Yoga", etc. by Takeshi Ito) We can use Urichil to relieve tension in our bodies from our own battles too! Wild Lotus offers Urichill without oil, under the name 'Urichill Rakken'.

Wild Lotus'. "Rakken' is based on 'Rakkenho', a treatment style taught by Osho Yamauchi in Nara, Japan.

$30 for 30 minutes! Urichil Rakken Campaign!

This campaign will be headed by our own Yuko Velsey, who's mini-sessions of this treatment were received splendidly at our annual Winter Fair last year.

We are offering two treatment options: Upper Body Focus, and Lower Body Focus.

Urichil Rakken Upper Body Focus Releases tension in the upper body, opening the chest to make room for breathing and relaxation. Also covers muscles in the arms and neck!

Urichil Rakken Lower Body Focus

Releases and smoothes legs, lightens the waist, and helps improve posture. Covers all lower body muscles, from the soles of the feet to the hips.

Urichil Rakken treatment is also recommended for those who wish to experience an Ayurvedic treatment, but don't want to strip down for a regular session, including men! This treatment is offered with limited spots for the following 8 days:

Tuesday, February 22

Wednesday, February 23

Thursday, February 24

Saturday, February 26 Tuesday, March 1

Wednesday, March 2

Thursday, March 3rd (After 1pm ONLY)

Sunday, March 6 Please select one of the two treatment options before booking.

Experience the relaxation of Urichil Rakken!

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