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Holistic Winter Fair for the world '21

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Please meet our 11 selected Vendors. You will feel healed throughout all five senses". It's a festival for the world, Society, Friends, Family, Friends and myself.

Dec 05, 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM 80 Nassau St #3D

New York, NY 10038, USA


The style is just like a virginal steam. But with the very special ingredients and the wooden chair from Japan, this steam therapy takes care of the entire body from outside to inside (skin, hair, circulatory system, bowel movement, etc). The ingredients, including 10 different plants and good bacteria from brown rice, are carefully prepared in Japan without any harmful chemicals. The chair and the seated cushion were also made with nontoxic material. Please visit and sense these special plants at this event. This time is a demonstration only. But you can purchase Bio-Bath, which is a single pack with Bio Steam ingredients for a hot tub.



Natural healing crystal and handmade jewelry.



Did you know that getting dressed is just as important as eating? Clothes made of natural materials and dyed with plants can be used as external medicine. Indigo dyeing is done by fermenting indigo, which is full of microorganisms that protect us from viruses. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, there is a therapy of wearing clothes or put poultices made of natural cloths dyed with turmeric and other natural herbs ingredients.

Usaato clothes are made from 100% hemp, cotton, and silk, and all dyeing is done with grass and tree dyes. Spinning yarn, dyeing, weaving, cutting, and tailoring are all done by hand. Everything is done carefully by hand. Usato clothes have very good vibes. Please come and touch the clothes, and feel their quality! We look forward to seeing you there.

ご存知でしたか? 服を着るということは、食事をすることと同じように大切だということを。 特に天然素材で作られ、草木染された服は、外服薬になるほどです。藍を発酵させて染める藍染めは、ウィルスから守ってくれる微生物たちでいっぱいです。インドの伝承医学、アユールベーダでは、天然素材の布にターメリックなどで染色した服や湿布を着けるという療法があります。 うさと服は、100% 麻、綿、絹から作られ、染色も全て草木染で行われます。 そして、糸を紡ぐ、染める、機を織る、布を裁断する、服に仕立てる。すべてが人の手によって丁寧に行われます。うさと服は、とても素晴らしい波動を持つ服です。是非、それを確かめに会場にお越しください。お待ちしております。


Grass-fed organic Ghee, with butter sourced directly from a farmer upstate.



Hand printed one by one with love on a vintage letterpress by using cotton papers, soy ink (eco friendly) and vintage wood type blocks.



Handmade incenses are made with all natural ingredients with love.





” Let the unique pattern of smoke harmonize your inner being.” 〜TAU〜

made in brooklyn


Ayurvedic health counseling for dogs, Dog'SuperFood presents by Dr.Szolc. You can also follow us on Instagram where we share health and dietary tips for you and your dogs. 



Meals and herbal tea based on Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles help you feel more connected to your inner healing power. $15, cash only



My name is saori, and I teach workshops on craft, cooking, and party coordination in Japan and New York.I will be holding a workshop for parents and children to make mini wreaths using dried flowers and preserved flowers.I hope you will enjoy making your own wreaths at home while being soothed by nature. You can choose from five colors at the time of reservation. The price is $25 per wreath.Click here for Reservation

日本とNYでcraftや料理、パーティーコーデのWSを行なっているsaoriです。ドライフラワーやプリザーブドフラワーの素材を使い、親子でもお作り頂けるミニリース作りのWork shopを開催致します。


ご予約時点で5色から選んで頂きます。 1リース $25となります。ご予約はこちら


Pete's plants

Pete's plants Improve your mood with plants.



Doshic Toner/Abhyanga oil, Frankincense and Castor oil eye mask, Neem soap, Body Butter, Soma beauty oil etc..


Reservations are recommended, but not required. Walk-ins are welcome and will be enter on a first-come first-enter basis. If you choose to walk in or come early to your reservation, you may be asked to wait outside of our door. Namaste. Vaccine certification and contamination control : we will be asking everyone attending the in-person class to present proof of vaccination OR negative COVID test, taken within 72 hours of the class. Please keep your face mask on except when eating and drinking. Thank you for your understanding.

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