It's finally 2021! Start your new self care routine with Dinacharia! (Ayurvedic daily routine)

Abhyanga oil 16oz $70

The new year is finally here!

Freshen up your morning routine and start your day with Dynacharia!

Step 1: Cleanse your tongue when you wake up with the Wild Lotus Tongue Scraper.

Copper tongue scraper. $7

Step 2: Use your Neti pot and Nasya oil to clean and moisturize your nasal passage.

Nasya oil 2oz $21

Step 3: After relieving and freshening yourself, drink plain luke/hot water to detox.

Step 4: Shower and pamper your body.

Step 5: Self Abhyanga

Abhyanga oil 16oz $70

Step 6: Pranayama, Yoga asana and meditation!

When you can take the time to feel healthy, happy, and thankful,

it spreads the people around you, too! Yeah!

Happy New Year!!

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