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What happens with Marma Facial!?Why Marma Facial is amazing!?

I got too sunburned 😢 At Grenada '23.

67 Marma Points are concentrated in your facial area, including the décolletage.

What are Marma Points?

Marma points have been defined as

"the turning point between body and consciousness." (CITE SOURCE)

By applying appropriate stimulation to marma points, excess and stagnant doshas can be expelled, or detoxed, from the body.

Marma point stimulation can provide relief from:

-Vata and Pitta’s headaches and eye soreness

-Vata’s anxiousness and sleep disorders

-Kapha’s breathing problems and stagnation in the body

And for all three doshas, stress!

At Wild Lotus Ayurveda, we also treat the marma points on your neck and head with warm oils. The oil used in your session will be personally determined by your therapist in unique pulse counseling.


The sessions also include the stimulation of parasympathetic nerve activation points that help to further stress relief by relaxing the brain.

I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it~

Wild Lotus Marma Detox Facial also includes a deep facial cleanse, scrub and face pack (all customized to your skin type/condition and dosha).

By detoxification, your facial pores are tighter, your eyelids and cheeks become refreshed, it will be easier to move your neck, and your brain will feel lighter and fresh. Your smile lines will be thinner!

Our therapist Yuko Velsey will be providing Ayurvedic treatment includes Marma Detox Facials in December!

Deep cleanse your body after a long year with Yuko’s delicate and compassionate treatments.


Let's wear Sattvic♩

Let's get Sattvic♩

WL's exclusive model (haha) at Grand Anse Beach, Grenada.

WL's apparel manager Hitomi makes Sattvic clothes, using her gifts ♩

The prakruti dosha you are born with does not change until you die.

In order to make the most of this dosha, it is important to stay in a Sattvic state.

What does it mean to be “Sattvic”?

Keep your body and mind healthy and connected to your true self.

You can nurture a Sattvic state by aligning with yourself and taking care of your meals, your lifestyle, mindset, etc.♩

WL clothes are Sattvic 🙏

Please try them out!

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