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New Release! “Wearing the Wind of India” & “What the God of Destruction Destroys”

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Mid-August: How are you all doing? Like I mentioned last week, I recommend trying cumin water or coconut water to cool down in the summer heat. Furthermore, using rose water along with both your “internal AC” and a real AC will allow you to skillfully to prevent exacerbation of the pitta dosha (which when out-of-control can trigger skin disease, indigestion, irritability, blood problems, and hormone troubles).

To all of you, I have some great news to share! Face the fabric, and touch it carefully. A new line of Wild Lotus apparel has dropped 🎵

The items from this line will exclusively be delivered at a price that includes handling and shipping.

They clothes are very Satvic indeed.


Shiva is the “God of Destruction.” But what exactly does he destroy?

This book has big print. Helpful for middle-aged and older people🎵

The three major gods in India are:

'Brahma', creator of the universe 'Vishnu' who maintains the created universe And the god of destruction, "Shiva"

That's what I had believed until I read about Shiva in this very cool book by Devdutt Pattanaik, but it turns out that Shiva isn’t so simple! Have you ever wondered what exactly Shiva is set out to destroy?

What the god Shiva destroys is our



Various emotions and desires are constantly descending upon us while we are alive. Desire makes our lives go up and down, often times uncontrollably. When one desire is fulfilled, another arises. Even after you experience the struggles of pining for one thing, you quickly find something else you want as soon as it the previous one is gone. We are always telling ourselves, “If I have this I will be happy.”

According to this book, Lord Shiva, the god of destruction, works to destroy those desires! And he looks very relaxed doing it. Haha.

In all seriousness, his half-lidded expression has a meaning too. He chooses not look at all the things he could possess (and want), as well as all the things he does have. Instead, he is in a constant state of peace and lack of unnecessary desire as he does not see and compare.

Deep in the mountains of India, Lord Shiva sits with his eyes half-lidded, his body half-covered, helping us release the desires that cause us pain Good going, Lord Shiva.

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