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How to care yourself after the summer? The new campaign is 9/9/22-10/17/22(F,S,S only)

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Aoi ike, Hokkaido, Japan. I am in Japan now!

Lake akan, Hokkaido, Japan

Hello everyone! How are you?

How's your September going? I hope you have a great start of the season.

Wild Lotus Ayurveda will have a new campaign! Please check it out and make an appointment! Yuko will take care of you . Enjoy the therapist Yuko's amazing fingers!!

① After Summer Campaign '22 Special Access Bars®︎ + Shirodhara 100min $111 ② Access Bars®︎ 75-90min $70(Reg. $95) ③ Urichill Rakken 90min $110(Reg. $160)

(All session is Included Dosha check 5-10min)

Access Bars ®︎ Access bars®︎ energy healing . Access Bars®︎ is a touch therapy directed at 32 points on the head. These points correspond to areas of your life and can release years of limiting beliefs and cellular trauma allowing you to change whatever isn’t working in your life. As you clear these blockages and old patterns it provides more space for you to receive allowing you to create your ideas.


Ayurveda’s unique therapy for eliminating stress : warm doshic oil poured gently over the third-eye chakra, filling you with extraordinary bliss. Shirodhara treatment will balance your high Vata, Pitta and Kaph. *includes mini Detox facial or mini Abhyanga.

Urichill-Rakken Urichill-Rakken method is done on a floor mat, using the therapist’s feet to cleanse the client’s srotas/body channels without oil.

Thank you.

I am coming back to NY end of this month!

I am looking forward to seeing you!!


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