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Our Session Room Has Changed, And So Have The Prices! ⚠️

as pure.

We switched our session room on the same floor, in room 407. You can now enjoy the view from oversized windows that overlook the crosswalk on Lexington Avenue. After the dust settled after our move, the idea of ​​a 'Wild Lotus Summer Retreat' came to my mind 🎵 This is Wild Lotus' very first overnight retreat proposal!

At the Wild Lotus retreat, you can:

-Receive personalized lifestyle counseling using Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis -Enjoy special Ayurvedic detox menus -Receive our signature Ayurvedic treatments (Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Marma Detox Facial etc.) -Practice Dinacharya (making Abhyanga oils, Tongue scrape, morning and evening yoga classes, etc.) -Experience Mouna (aka silence; an experience of connecting with oneself) I am planning to schedule the retreat around the weekend of August 18th, 2023. I hope this sounds exciting!

Prior to the summer retreat, a brand new menu of 'business trip' treatments will launch early this summer.

This is a menu for those who have difficulty frequenting our spa for various reasons. Each session, we will check your 'dosha' with a pulse diagnosis, prepare the correct oil for your situation, heat it to a proper temperature, and apply calculated pressure to permeate the 108 marma points throughout the body. A 'champi' head massage will promote oxygen circulation in the head, de-fogged mental state. And from June 1st, there will be a change in the session fees. They will go up, not down. We are sorry... if you are looking to purchase a session package, we recommend that you make your purchase within May. We are offering a deal of 5% off with a purchase of 5 tickets, and 10% off a purchase of 10 tickets. The tickets are valid for 1 year and 1.5 years, respectively.

Thank you very much

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